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All Inclusive Breast Augmentation Package

Our All Inclusive Breast Augmentation Package ...from $10299

We have listened to your feedback. We know that many patients choose to risk having their surgeries overseas based on cost. We understand that while cost is not the most important factor when choosing the right Plastic Surgeon for you, it is still a very important consideration. 

Our all-inclusive package includes:

  • Surgery performed by Dr Lip Teh, an Australian qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with over 13yrs experience with subspecialist interest in breasts aesthetics and reconstruction.
  • Day surgery performed at the fully accredited and modern West Leederville Private Hospital.
  • Anaesthetist is a fully qualified ANZCA Specialist Anaesthetist.
  • Motiva smooth round ProgressiveGel Plus silicone breast implants.

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1.0 The above fee quote includes the following:

  • Surgeon’s fee
  • Anaesthetist’s fee
  • West Leederville Private Hospital theatre and accommodation day case fee
  • Motiva smooth round ProgressiveGel Plus, silicone breast implants 
  • Post-operative care with Dr Lip Teh Plastic Surgeon

1.1 Please note that the cost of your pre-operative surgeon consultations is non-refundable and inclusive in the total procedure fee only if you proceed with surgery. 

1.2 The quoted all-inclusive price does not apply for patients who:

  • require alternative implants
  • require an exchange of  implants,
  • require a breast lift, 
  • have significant breast asymmetry, 
  • require any other breast surgery procedures as part of a breast augmentation and/or
  • who require an overnight hospital stay. 

1.3 The quoted all-inclusive price is for surgery carried out at West Leederville Private Hospital and additional costs may apply if you have the surgery performed at a different hospital. 

1.4 Additional costs will apply if unforeseen circumstances occur and you need other urgent or emergency medical treatment. 

1.5 The post-operative care referenced above is for post-operative dressing care and post-operative surgeon review appointments with Dr Lip Teh Plastic Surgeon at weeks 2 & 6 and 6 months. 

1.6 Any post-operative medications and non-standard post-operative care for complications, including revision surgery is specifically excluded from the all-inclusive price.

1.7 Your decision to proceed with surgery is entirely yours and obligation free. If you decide to book surgery, you are entitled to a 10 day cooling off period . Full payment for your surgery is required 2 weeks prior to date of surgery.

1.8 Dr Lip Teh Plastic Surgeon has an administrative arrangement with your anaesthetist, hospital and implant supplier under which their charges are included in the above fee quote as an all-inclusive price. Under this administrative arrangement, after you pay the all-inclusive fee, our office will arrange for payment of your anaesthetist, hospital and implant supplier fees and costs. Where you receive standard forms from your anaesthetist and hospital referencing their billing arrangements with you, you can disregard. Please note that this is an administrative billing arrangement only and does not create any legal liability for Dr Lip Teh Plastic Surgeon of any kind for the services and goods provided by your anaesthetist, hospital, or implant supplier. Legal liability for services and goods continues to rest with each of these respective providers as if this administrative billing arrangement were not in place and you had paid them each directly.